Universal Symbols

Question: On the similar topic, some of the symbols, like swastika that can be found around the world, is that part of Atlantean or Lemurian heritage and what does it represent?

Pleiades: Well it represents different things to different cultures but ultimately it is representation of the sun and the worship of the sun. You can literally take that to be word S U N or as it has been changed along the way as S O N. As we are talking about Buddha he is the same iconic figure as Jesus. These are all iconic figures. There were people that somewhat fit the bill but it really is an iconic figure and it is a worship of the sun and those in the know understand the coding that goes into all of these religions.

Question: So swastika is a symbol for sun?

Pleiades: Well we would translate that slightly different to "all that is" but what creates "all that is" in your solar system  is a the Sun. The Sun is your life force.

Question: So swastika is the symbol that originated in Lemuria?

Pleiades: It pre-dates that. It is also in the other star systems. It is Sirian (star system) in nature. Sirians had very similar symbol that means "Source" . Egyptians used it, you also got some old civilizations that are in India, it was used there and you are talking approximately 15,000 years ago.

Question: So it was brought down on the Earth by Sirians or Lyrans, or...?

P: Most of it was from the Sirian system. Most of it if you want to say is the Sirian dialect. that is where it comes from. From the Sirian star system you know, there were may visitors to this planet it is not just the original inhabitants (that lived on the planet at that time). Some of these symbols were taken, as the Sirians interacted with those on the planet. Not all the beings that were visiting were negative that is really where it stems from.