Stone Spheres, Stone Rings and Bosnian Bogomils

Question: I want to know more about stone spheres. They are found in Bosnia as well as Central America, Costa Rica. You have told me last time that stone spheres are of Mu origin. I am trying to connect all that.

Pleiadians: As we said Mu people were travellers, they did trade, but lots of the wisdom and the knowledge that was passed down from Mu was lost It even pre-dated Lemuria (end of Mu pre-dated end of Lemuria) So you've got the echoes of the Lemuria's history that is in the memory. Not so much of the Mu because it is further back.

Question: OK, but the stone spheres in Bosnia, are they from the Mu period?

Pleiadians: Some of them yes. You have other artifacts which are Atlantean that are present there, so you got both.

Questions: Are these artifacts (Atlantean) in the form of sphere?

Pleiadians: The pyramids, those are more Atlantean. The spheres are, some are from Mu, not all not all some are extraterrestrial. What would you consider extraterrestrial in origin.

Questions: OK, so extraterrestrial, are they of Draco or Anunnaki origin or ...

Pleiadians: Draconian, lot of that is Draconian energy.

Question: You've told me last time that Bogomils, medieval Bosnian religion can be traced back to Atlantis, but the time line is perplexing. Bogomil monuments, the most of them are dated to 10th through 14th century. Atlantean civilization ceased to exist as such on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina 5000 years ago. There are no monuments accredited to Bogomils during that span, 5000 years ago to 1000 years ago. Are there any artifacts for that period?

Pleiadians: Some of them you have not found yet, you just have not found some of it. Really it is a matter of finding one and that will be a link for you all. Some of it was not left behind, it was destroyed. Some of it is plain missing, not there any longer. And some of it, the vibration of it, is outside of the range (that you can see). Some of the older stuff, some of the stronger vibrational stuff has not been found. So you gonna re-discover it, probably not until after 2012.

Question: So some of the stone rings (that exist in Bosnia) are part of that development (transition from Atlantean to Bogomil culture)?

Pleiadians: Some of the stone rings are far far older. For some of those the sites have not been used for hundreds of thousands of years. You have stone rings all over the planet. Some of those sites they have been used by some of these ancient civilizations that we have been talking about. Sometimes they were worn down and re-created so they look like they are earlier sites but the history goes back far far further.

Questions: I think they (stone rings) are some sort of energy generators?

Pleiadians: Yes.

Question: It looks like they were almost used as pulsing sources. It is frequency, a wave.

Pleiadian: Yes, standing wave. Yes it can create standing wave, it is exactly what it is.

Question: It creates some sort of energy vortex.

Pleiadians: It was tone and sound that activated lots of that. Sound was utilized to create standing wave, to generate energy. You understood sacred geometry, you understood the principles upon which the bio-metrics of this planet were based. As we said a lots of the technology of those the were Mu was bio-available. So they understood the ratios, they understood the sacred geometrical mathematics that were involved and those patterns that were recreated just as flowers are able to tap in and use mathematical equivalent in chemical alteration of the sun to bio-electrical, bio-available energy, they can do the same thing. So some of this is translated using tone and sound, sacred geometry to create energy. It is the same principal that is found in nature (photosynthesis).

Question: I guess we can spend hours talking about this, but I will wait until 2012.

Pleiadians: Know this as well. When we talk about the history, which version of history are we giving you. Because you are constantly moving back and forth between time lines, so each time we talk to you you may not be on the identical time line that we were conversing with you earlier. That is enough to make your mind blow. We are introducing these concepts to you because there is no absolute truth. History is malleable.

Question: OK, well one version is enough for me ;)

Pleiadians: (Laughter) You take bits and pieces that resonate.

CONTINUED 25 May, 2010

Question: Going back to Bogomils. If we look at the time, lets say 2000 years ago, are there any monuments left from that period? How did that religion look like at that time? Is there any artifact left, any tombstone?

Pleiadians: Well, when you go back 2000 years, not so much. Lots of that is gone, because it was not permanent (material), there were no permanent markers. As far as tombstone go, lots of that was cremation. That was easier, it was healthier. You did not have the same kind of practices. It was ashes to ashes, back to your natural origins. Especially when lots of religious belief at that time was more align with the pagan. Some of that was very Celtic knowledge, which is a streamline of Atlantian lineage as it was somewhat bastardized as it was somewhat altered. But lot of it was
worshiping of the Earth and elements of the Earth. So not so much (is left), as far as burials go. You might find few but not many, most of that was not permanent. More the permanent structures were, what you would consider a temples and sacred sites.

Question: Where that would be, are they on the higher vibration?

Pleiadians: Some, some are, but mostly some of the older sites are on the higher vibration range.

Question: How about some of the newer sites, can we find them and dig them out?

Pleiadians: What has been dug up, hmm. There are two things that are happening. One, because of the way the data had been interpreted. Not everything is making logical sense so, it is trying to be crammed into old paradigm. So you are not getting information that is really new or that is any different then anything else. It is not being dated properly. Because everything will have to fit within the old timelines, otherwise the old timeline will come crumbling down. With lots of new science now we can not do that. We realize it might not be 100% accurate, but people who believe in that may not be published or heard or acknowledged and they are being ostracized.

Question: What would be an example of that for this case? There is basically 6000 years missing as far as artifacts go.

Pleiadians: Some are just plain miss aged. But some of the living quarters, some of the pots, used on the daily basis they seam to be much older, an older date that would be closer to your date (2000 years ago).

CONTINUED 27 May, 2010

Question: Is there some specific remain or site that would fit that description?

Pleiades: Again some of the pottery, some utensils, some of the tools used for agriculture. Some of those things have been found and they were dated to be much younger but they are really from far older period. Some of the materials that were used were not permanent, so they did not last.

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