EXCLUSIVE: Mu and Lemuria

Yes hello dears this is The 9-th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective and we are very pleased and honoured to once again have the opportunity to connect.What would you like to start with?

Question:Going back to the history of land/civilization called Mu. When did that culture start and who started it? What is the extent of the its physical location?

Pleiadians: Mu was an offshoot of Lemuria. It was not Lemuria. Many would call Mu Lemuria. But they were separate, they were different. They were originated by the same species if you will, by the same beings (beings from the Lyra system) . But there was a diversion in the history and the cultures and how they continued to develop. They interacted with each other, Mu and Lemuria. They had cultural exchange, they had trade, together. But they were not identical. Mu is considered to be in Europe, where the Europe is right now.  I am just looking here and from your time-line it was about 100,000 years ago it was height of Mu. Mu went under if you will. Those who were part of that civilization decided to go elsewhere (off the planet) around 50,000 years ago.

When you get to Lemuria, Lemuria is longer lasting. It started before Mu and it ended after Mu. There were other, if you want to call them indigenous peoples also lived there. Those who are of Mu, they were bit more, I do not want to say more evolved, they were of higher frequency. They were trying to descent into density. They were rather new to density, they still knew that they were connected  to Source, just like the Lemurians. But they were experimenting and playing around more and more with density and how to make things seam denser, real solid permanent. That was an adventure, that was a part of process of descension. How things seam permanent in the static way so that you do not have to keep reinventing and keep creating and pulsing out of frequency. And as you start descending into density, once you got into it the process accelerated. It is almost the same when you grow out of it it is exponential the growth out of it. the growth into it is also exponential. It is slower at first and after you start it goes much much faster because of the density you get in the more you disconnect the more denser you get. It is the same way when you lighten up. The lighter you get the more connection you have the more connection you have the more energy you have the more you can lighten up. So, with Mu they were very technologically advanced. They were working with creation of technology and the integration of spirituality with their bio-electrical vehicle (body) So lots of their technology was biology based.

CONTINUED 23 May, 2010

Pleiadians: It was biology activated. It was like you did not need key for the car or transport they used the biology, your own bio-signature to activate it. And they use it to activate many things. Much of their technology was bit different. Similar thing that you have to it right now would be how your security systems use bio-scans. It is not wholy identical, but it is close to it. It is close enough to give you an idea. Everything was bio-compatible. It was very different technology, very different from what was used in Atlantis. What you consider, what you are asking about in South America lot of that knowledge and the peoples there, those were tribes of Atlantis. It found the way there after the fall. Lot of that knowledge and wisdom comes from Atlantis, more so then Mu or Lemuria.

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