Energy and 2012

Question: This is related to nature of the electromagnetic energy in the higher dimensions, like 4th and 5th. Is this energy going to change the spectrum or it will remain the same?

Pleiades: No it changes. It is in a different range, you experience it in a different way, the density to it, the power of it, no really the density of it and how it flows is different because the resistance is different.

Question: So are our electrical devices going to work then?

Pleiades: For the most part, yes. They will not seam as efficient. You will start to work with the different energy sources. You will start to develop different energy sources because as we said the flow is different because the density is different and it is not as effective, efficient is better word for it.

It is not an efficient way of working with the energy any longer, there are better ways for you to harness that energy rather then how you harness electromagnetic energy right now, through the use of your currents, because they literary are different frequency ranges.

Question: So that will happen fairly soon, right?

Pleiades: There are those who are working on different ways of harnessing energy, working with the energy. Working with your bio-electric field,  working with your electromagnetic field.

This is all changing. You know the greatest source of the energy you have is geothermal. It is planet's own energy. You got the Sun and the planet's own energy, those are two most potent sources (you have). You are not harnessing your energy properly . Solar energy, they are not looking in the right wave length to really get the full potential and they are not finding the way to hold it to maintain the charge but they are already working on it.

All the events that you have created around the globe , some of these disasters that you've created, such as oil spills this is helping you to find new ways of working with the Earth. People are saying: “I had enough! We got to find  better way of using the energy, extracting energy, saving energy, harnessing energy!”